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Our mission is to develop every student who comes under our care into a global standard citizen devoted towards contributing to the multidimensional aspects of development through quality education. We aim to prepare our children not just with subject based academic curricula but also with active cultivation of morality, skills, politeness, and positive attitude required to become a socially responsible citizen of the world.

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Excellence first, above all.

Meridian International School aims to make quality and meaningful education accessible to all. We aspire to work on the devlopment of our students in a way that they grow up to be agents of positive change in the future, extended towards the nations's economy, education and social norms.

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The Seven Days

Pranika Shrestha
January 31 2023

Sunday's always energetic Runs all day, very athletic

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Anniya Ale Magar
January 31 2023

God, you made us great you gave us everything you fulfilled our wish you didn't let us complain about anything.

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Pramisha Shrestha
January 31 2023

I met you as a stranger, then took you as my friend Our friendship is something that will never end.

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